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Looking for an affordable Solar Panel Cleaning service that gets the job done properly the first time, every time? From small scale homes to large businesses, we have you covered. Please see our services below.

Cleaning your panels is important...

Solar panels need to be properly maintained and regularly cleaned too ensure that they produce the highest possible power output.

A common misconception is that rain is enough to clean your solar panels. However rain isn’t able to efficiently clean your panels, because of condensation and trace chemicals in the water. Dirt on solar panels block the amount of light that reaches the photo-voltaic cells, thus reducing power output.

As part of our services, we will complete a detailed clean and scrub down of solar panels. We use purified water and a mild detergent to ensure no dust or debris is left on the solar panels. Clouded panels can result in low efficiencies if there is a thick layer of dust, consequently reducing the amount of UV light entering the panel.

We strictly follow manufacturer solar cleaning guidelines in order to maintain the warranty of your solar panels. We use specialised non-abrasive solar panel cleaning equipment to get each panel sparkly clean and working efficiently once again. Scorpion Solar Panel cleaning utilises tried and tested methods that will remove:


Animal droppings

Dirt & Debris

Airborne Particles

Sea Spray

Residential Servicing

Commercial Servicing


More About Our Services

  • We avoid using heavy chemicals and use biodegradable products whenever possible.
  • Safety is always a priority on any Solar Panel cleaning job, Occupational Health and Safety is a chief concern.
  • We offer free quotes to Hobart and surrounds.
  • We specialise in Commercial and Residential, from small to large!
  • From houses to buildings.
  • We use filtered water systems, no water spots left behind!
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