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“At Scorpion our mission is to provide all Tasmanian’s with the opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of their Solar Panels, through affordable and tailored cleaning solutions” 

1 %
the percentage we can increase your Solar Efficiency by

elements that affect you panels

Dirt & Dust, Moss & Fungus, Bird & Animal Droppings, Pollution, Pesticides & fertilisers to name a few.


Our vision is to be Tasmania's leading Solar Panel cleaning business for today, tomorrow and in to the future!

SAVE $$$

By cleaning your Solar Panels, you can increase their efficiency by up to 25%, thus saving you hundreds off your electricity bill!

protect your warranty

Did you know, most Solar panel manufactuers specifiy regular cleaning as a requirement of warranty periods and claims?

Our professional team of technicians are specifically trained to perform a detailed cleaning of your solar panels.

This will maximise electrical efficiency and potentially save your home or business thousands of dollars. They have also been trained in height safety and customer service.

Their professionalism in providing you with the best possible service which is most importance to us and any feedback to Scorpion is strongly encouraged to ensure the best ongoing service being provided to you in the future.

The team at Scorpion offer you a full cleaning and maintenance service for your solar panel installation.   We are dedicated to help you achieve the most from your investment.

Working at heights and accessing your solar panels can be extremely dangerous.  The team at Scorpion have all the safety equipment and accessories to do the job safely, clean solar panels perfectly and leaving a professional finish.   Rainwater will wash a bit of dust away but not remove hard stains, bird droppings, pollen, salt build up, spider webs and excretion from insects and possums.


*Price varies depending on amount and accessibility.

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what is involved during a solar panel cleaning service?

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